For Sale 1988 BMW 535is

1988 535is Black Diamond


This is my 535is. It is a 1988 model with Pearl Beige Leather interior. The stereo has been changed out with a Clarion CD player and a bass tube under the rear seat. The rims were changed from TRX rims with metric tires to American Racing Equipment rims with 215/60/15's. I love it!!

It is a 5-Speed!

I have had to add the Foglights, as they were missing, so I made my own mounting blocks out of Plexiglass.
Have any questions, just ask.

As you can see, I added some safety wire to the rear of the housing.  This way in case the mounting blocks don't hold or I hit a speed bump a little to quick, the lights don't pop off and drag on the ground.  I just tie strapped the safety wire to the bumper behind the Airdam.

Here is a shot of the front interior as well.

I added these photos on 26 Aug 2007 after washing the car. You can see the clear coat missing and starting to go south if you look close.

You can email me at if you have any questions or suggestions.